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Dr. Brudvik and her husband are proud to showcase a variety of art pieces here at Woodhaven.

Some we display permanently and some on a rotating basis.

"The Wyeth Bowl"

Apple Orchard Pattern

100 year old doily

Bowl made from Staghoron Sumac

Planted at Woodhaven in 1962


"Tree & Cloud"

Sharon  - Handweaver

Boulder, CO - 1960's

Haight - Ashbury sandel maker's

leather discard

Berkley, CA - 1960's

1st Christmas Tree

(sandblasted tree limb)

Boulder, CO - 1960's

Hand Blown Glass Terrarium


Gilpin County Arts Association

Central City, CO


Denver, CO - 1950's


Fearsome but beneficent monster of Chinese mythology

Limited Edition

#40 of 100.

"Foo Dog"

Chinese guardian lion ("shi" or lion)

Representation of the lion in imperial China. They were believed to have powerful mythic protective

benefits during the

Han Dynasty 206 BC-AD 220.


Claude Monet


Berkley, CA - 1950's


Rae Winning - 1971

"Birch Forest"

1903 Gustav Klimt

"Flowery Garden"

Gustav Klimt

"Moonshine & Moe"

Kim Starr

"Upper Austrian Farmhouse"

1911 - 1912

Gustav Klimt



Scottsdale, AZ

"Pine Forest"


Gustav Klimt

"Rose Bushes Under Trees"


Gustav Klimt

"Impression - Field of Flowers"

Seattle, WA 1990's

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