Dr. Brudvik and her husband are proud to showcase a variety of art pieces here at Woodhaven.

Some we display permanently and some on a rotating basis.

"The Wyeth Bowl"

Apple Orchard Pattern

100 year old doily

Bowl made from Staghoron Sumac

Planted at Woodhaven in 1962



Fearsome but beneficent monster of Chinese mythology

Limited Edition

#40 of 100.

"Tree & Cloud"

Sharon  - Handweaver

Boulder, CO - 1960's

Haight - Ashbury sandel maker's

leather discard

Berkley, CA - 1960's

Hand Blown Glass Terrarium


Gilpin County Arts Association

Central City, CO


Denver, CO - 1950's

1st Christmas Tree

(sandblasted tree limb)

Boulder, CO - 1960's

"Foo Dog"

Chinese guardian lion ("shi" or lion)

Representation of the lion in imperial China. They were believed to have powerful mythic protective

benefits during the

Han Dynasty 206 BC-AD 220.


Claude Monet


Berkley, CA - 1950's


Rae Winning - 1971

"Birch Forest"

1903 Gustav Klimt

"Flowery Garden"

Gustav Klimt

"Moonshine & Moe"

Kim Starr

"Upper Austrian Farmhouse"

1911 - 1912

Gustav Klimt



Scottsdale, AZ

"Pine Forest"


Gustav Klimt

"Rose Bushes Under Trees"


Gustav Klimt

"Impression - Field of Flowers"

Seattle, WA 1990's